How to build an online resume

Before we get into it, we just want you to know that we are committed to increase your success as a job seeker. Having said that, we made our platform in a way that you are encouraged to fill out all your details for better visibility for when recruiters are pro-actively looking for candidates like you.

Lets get started by joining first, complete your profile and creating your online resume. Easy as pie.

Step one. #

Go to, select “login” and select” join now” from the dropdown, or to

Step two. #

Fill out the details and click on “Sign Up”.

Step three. #

Complete your profile for better visibility. Save at each stage and follow the prompt.

Once you have completed your profile, click on “profile” from the main menu and go to the below menu and click on “resume”.

Step four. #

Complete all the sections.

Check out this video for further help.

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