How to create an event

Step 1 – Navigate to your events page #

Go to the main menu and click on “My Events”.

Step 2 – Add a new event #

Scroll down and click on “Add new”

Step 3 – Event title and Description #

Fill in the form accordingly. Start with the Event title and Description.

Step 4 – Excerpt #

In the excerpt box, write a few words to summarise your event so members can have an idea of what the event is about without having to go into the events’ details.

Step 5 – Add time and date #

Add the date and time of the event.

Step 6 – Timezone #

In the window “Notes on the time”, it would handy to add the timezone or country’s time, e.g Swiss Time, if you have followers who may be located in other parts of the world.

Step 7 – Countdown display & shortcode visibility #

You can display a countdown on your event’s page, select as appropriate. In regards to the shortcode visibility, you can decide whether you want your event to be visible on the pages where the event has been added. If you are familiar with shortcodes, leave the option set to “Show on Shortcodes”.

To make the event a recurring one, tick the box labelled as “Event repeating”

Step 8 – Hourly Schedule #

If your event is over several days, you can schedule each days differently to suit you and your speakers by clicking on the “Add Day” button.

Step 9 – Add location and Organiser #

You can choose to add a physical location or select “Hide Location” for an online event.

You can choose whether to let members know who organised the event or you can choose not too by selecting “Hide Organiser” from the dropdown.

Step 10 – SEO Schema #

The SEO Schema allows you to choose how you want the search engines to interpret your event, e.g select “Moved Online” for online events.

Step 11 – Note to the Reviewer #

You can opt to add additional notes to the reviewer of the platform if you believe that you need to clarify the purpose of your event or for any other reason.

Step 11 – Event links #

In order to provide you with the best services that you deserve, we are currently working on hosting online events on our platform with the ability for members to RSVP. Since we are not quite ready yet, filling the events links is very important so members can attend your online events or be able to find out more about our event. For example, you can add your website in the “Event Link” box or your venue’s website. If you are doing a live video on Youtube, you are most welcome to add your Youtube event link.

Once you have filled out all the required fields, press “submit”. You will then be re-directed to the “Thank You” Page, which will include a link that will allow you to view your event.

For a detailed instructions, go to our Youtube Channel.

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