How to ensure that your personal details are safe

Let us talk about privacy #

We value our privacy and definitely yours as well. That means that we will make sure that your personal details are kept securely and not handed over to the highest bidder or to anyone. Unfortunately, nowadays hackers are using brut force to wage cyber attacks against websites and platforms in an attempt to steal personal information for various reasons such as out of spite, to sell them online or to taint those websites’ or platforms’ reputations. My personal advice is to not upload all your personal information, only your email address and name. you can to a certain extent post a summary of your professional experience and skills, which will give employers and recruiters an idea of your skills and experience and therefore get in with you if needed. DO NOT PUT DISPLAY ANY PHONE NUMBERS to prevent any unsolicited calls. Should anyone want to reach out, they can add you as a connection, and message you once connected.

Should we succumb to an an online attack/breach, we will let you know as soon as we are aware of it. 

Since your platform is free is use, How do you make money?  #

That is an easy question to answer ;). We will be running relevant adverts from legitimate businesses and sole proprietorships/traders and we will make sure that those advertisements are not too intrusive and ensure that your experience on the platform is pleasant. 

Protect personal information #

DO NOT share your personal or banking information on our online communities. For customer service questions or individual banking matters, please contact us here. You should not disclose your account numbers, PINs, social security number, or passwords.

Is it free to sign up and use the platform? #

Yes, it is free to sign up and use the platform. There might eventually be some added paying features in order to maintain the infrastructure and keep growing. This will also allow us to create more jobs and hopefully expand to other territories. 

This is very important: DO NOT SEND MONEY ONLINE TO ANYONE PRETENDING TO BE US. Please do your research well and get in touch with if you are unsure.

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