How to make your profile discoverable

The reason why you should add more details, such as skills, experiences, links, portfolio, etc is to make your profile more discoverable by recruiters or employers. Our premium user membership, which includes employers and recruiters have access to our advanced search functionality allowing them to find candidates based on skills, experiences, industries, jobs statuses and more.

Step 1. Select Profile Details #

Click on “profile” from the main menu, then select “details” from the dropdown

Step 2. Edit widgets Settings #

Scroll down and click on “widgets settings” from the bottom left of the menu.

Step 3. Update your widget settings #

Update your widget settings one by one. Start by writing a little introduction in the “about me” section.

Step 4. Tell us a little bit about you #

Write your name in the box labelled “title”, your position in the “Description” box and a little about yourself in the “biography” box.

Step 5. Update your skills #

To update your skills, click on the “skills” tab

Click on “add new skill” at the top

Enter your skills details in the box that will appear and can add your skills level in the “percent” box.

The below image shows how your skills will appear on your profile once completed.

Step 6. Repeat the same steps #

Repeat the steps for the other sections under the widget settings, see below (you do not have to complete all of them if they are not relevant to you).

  • Portfolio
  • Slideshow
  • Experience
  • Project
  • Quote
  • Link
  • Video

We are currently working on adding tutorial videos on our youtube channel. Visit our youtube channel for more or go directly to the video.

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