My account has been hacked

How to prevent your from being hacked? #

Despite all attempts to keep accounts safe, cybercrime is on rise and more and more platforms, big and small, are being targeted by hackers in an attempt to steal personal information such as emails, and sell them online.

We do everything to keep your details, but we would strongly recommend that you do the same, after all, it is your personal details and you do not want someone using your account for the wrong reasons.

Step 1.

Do not use the same password for all your online accounts. Use different passwords that are hard to crack and make sure that you store your passwords offline, such as in a notebook.

Step 2.

Use 2-step verification to login.

What can I do to recover my account? #

Step 1.

Change the password of your email, just in case your email account has been hacked as well and activate 2-step verification for your email account.

Step 2.

Once you have reset the password for your email address, email our security team and we will get in touch. You can also reset your password.

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