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Policy Analyst at Capital One

Gathered policy data and created reports which Sr. Policy Analysts reviewed to confirm changes • Modified business policies that aligned with compliance policies set by the federal regulations of Canada • Displayed knowledge of all active policies that were being used at the time of operation for the company

Senior Client Service Coordinator at Capital One

Client onboarding and KYC assessment via IRIS, crWeb and third party vendors • Understood customers’ needs by probing and analyzing accounts, also by targeting customers concerns at the time of the call • Understood Federal Canadian Banking Laws and followed compliance during each and every call while delivering solutions at the time of the calls

Customer Service Representative at Forest Hill Group

Demonstrated high levels of customer service by greeting and addressing client concerns in hopes to resolve problems • Ensured the client got the best experience by socializing and making the client feel welcomed and appreciated • Opened accounts for new clients by recording information

Administrative Clerk at Nexus Protective Services

Demonstrated excessive ability to manage confidential documentation of each client whilst creating MS excel spreadsheets to determine the client account activity • Greeted and assisted visitors by logging their information in the Nexus Protective Services program as well as on an MS word document, and guided them to the appropriate destination in the residential complex • Provided access control to the clients / visitors of the residential complex by obtaining important valid pieces of information to ensure security in the vicinity

Receptionist at Aviva Canada

Sent out and received multiple emails while multitasking with clients over live chat and dealt with client disputes • Draft contracts and manage accounts, files, emails, and scheduled dates via Lotus Notes • Schedule meetings for the internal coordinator, marketing and events manager, and executive director of Aviva Canada

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